What Others Have to Say

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, hundreds of five-star Google reviews, and thousands of satisfied customers, it’s no wonder borrowers turn to The Student Loan Help Group to help them with their student loans.

Student Loan Help Group has been a tremendous help in keeping my file up to date and accurate since I have been out of school. I'm very thankful for the constant communication they have with me and the swiftness of getting my documents approved for my servicer. I would certainly recommend Student Loan Help Group to anyone out there who is looking for a company that will have your back on your student loans. They do the work, so you don't have to! I have been with Student Loan Help Group since 2015 and they are just AMAZING! Great job!
The Student Loan Help Group has been a tremendous blessing to me. As a member since 2007, I have been extremely happy with the level of professionalism and care given to me by members of the processing team. Whenever I have questions they are quick to respond. Ultimately this group has assisted me and others in managing my student loans. It is a no brainer who you should trust to manage your student loans.
The Student Loan Help Group.... Let them help you.
Brian Lawson
We have been clients since 2015 with no complaints. If you have tried dealing with the feds you will find value with their services.
Leslie J
Working with The Student Loan Help Group was the best decision I've ever made. They made the process painless, took care of everything, and kept me updated along the way. They were successful in the job I asked them to do, the best money spent. I highly recommend using them for your Loan Forgiveness!
Meaghan Morales
The service was top notch. Sam was very nice and she was very knowledgeable about the system. She gave me assurance that I was in good hands. Making the decision to work with them was fast and easy for me because of the attention to detail she gave when explaining the process. I am happy and hopeful about the handling of my loans because I know I am in good hands. I highly recommend TSLHG to everyone including family to work with them.
Joseph Valbrun
I have been with this group for 4 years and they have done a fantastic job. They have been helpful in every aspect of processing my loan and am looking forward to a continued relationship with them in the next few years.
Janice W
Mr. Andrew T. and Mr. Ike Israel are two of the most phenomenal team leaders at the The Student Loan Help Group. They are knowledgeable, professional, and make you feel like there is hope and a light at the end of the student loans tunnel. The program is true and they do assist educators with their student loan needs. Thank you guys for being a breath of fresh air!!
Latonya Cooper
The Student Loan Help Group has truly helped me. If you are looking for knowledgeable people that can help you with student loan(s) issues, these are the people. Professional, courteous, empathetic and totally professional is what you will receive.
Theresa V
I have worked with TSLHG for 7 years. My loan just got forgiven thanks to their help! They are so amazing. They worked directly with Fedloan on my behalf so I never had to deal with them. That made it so much less stressful for me. They stayed on top of everything and always kept me informed. All of their employees are very kind, dedicated and hard working. I am so appreciative for all of the help they have provided me. If you have student loans you must contact them!! Thank you so much TSLHG 🙂
Abso FnLootly
This service has been fantastic. I was pretty resistant to renewing my services with them but after trying to navigate the repayment system, I realized how complicated it was. Ryan took the time to walk me through
the process again. Jenna has been pretty fantastic with following up with Fed Loan services and keeping me updated.
Ruthe Francis
We have been working with the Student Loan Help Group for 4 years now and it has been one of the best experiences we have ever had! The customer service is outstanding, the knowledge and efficiency of everyone we have dealt with is fantastic! Our student loans have been such a burden for years, and once the Student loan help group started helping us, it has been such a weight lifted off our shoulders! I am truly grateful for all they have done to help us with this, and we can't thank them enough!!! The Student Loan Help Group is an absolute blessing!!!
Pedreia Boso
Excellent Experience! I had submitted all my paperwork for the PSLF but each time I got a letter from FedLoan asking for something else, a signature, a date change, it was exhausting. I hired TSLHG and within a month my loans have been forgiven! They are amazing and have excellent communication! THANK YOU!!
Dawn Venable
I have had a wonderful experience with TSLHG throughout the years they have assisted in handling my student loan. They truly take care of everything on your behalf, and take the time to explain anything you are unclear about regarding your plan. Readily accessible to you. Would definitely recommend their service!
Roslyn Williams
I appreciate SLHG for the ease of their process, quick response times, and for keeping track of the entire student loan repayment process for me. It has been a great experience thus far.
Rachelle Patterson
TSLHG is amazing!! I used this company to help take care of my Public Student Loan Forgiveness. They were extremely easy to work with, excellent timely communication, and attentive to my account. This took so much pressure off of this busy teacher! Now my student loans have been forgiven! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Brandi Crampton
The Student Loan Help Group has been working with me for 4 years. They have been great about keeping in contact with me, and keeping all of my paperwork up to date to stay in compliance. I appreciate the work they do for me!
Lara Pavel
The Student Loan Help Group works wonders, they were amazing the first time I talked to them. We talked on the phone for an hour and a half about my student loans and the situation I was in. They gave me free advice and didn’t pressure me into their services. They simply told me about what they do, and how they can help me. It is WELL worth the money. They handle all my information and paperwork, they keep you up to date with everything they do. They take care of everything for me, and make sure it’s done correctly so I am guaranteed to have my loans forgiven through the Public Service loan forgiveness. All summed up, when you invest money into the stock market, you go through an accountant. Think of TSLHG like an accountant for your student loans. Put your trust in them and let them do the hard work, you have other things to worry about.
Billy Weers
TSLHG definitely took the stress out of turning in all the paperwork needed to fulfill the qualification necessary for the various student loan programs. I've shared with others how helpful they were and got me all the way to getting all my loans forgiven!
Cassandra Trotman
Very honest and up front. No nonsense approach to helping me with my student loans. Great customer service. I strongly recommend. I dealt with Ryan and was very pleased with the support and service I received. I will post updates as I have signed on for a long term relationship with the Student Loan Help Group.
Monica Bee
I have worked with The Student Loan Help Group for years now. I cannot express how much they have helped relieve the stress and burden of navigating the student loan repayment process. Every representative that I have worked with has been kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. If you are feeling helpless, bogged down by payments and driven crazy by the student loan repayment red-tape and various hoops to jump through; please do yourself a favor and contact The Student Loan Help Group.
Julie Brashear